Welcome to the official website of The Pleasant Places of Florida. In an effort to streamline costs and save paper, we have set up this webpage for members and non-members to have a look at the Sherlockian world and our part in it.

From humble beginnings, we have grown and are now entering a new − and digital − era.

In the beginning (March 1972), our newsletters were little more than communication between pen pals, routing articles and information of interest from one to another round robin style. In June, 1973, we had grown too large to make this a viable way to share, and the first multiple copies of Communication were done. By February, 1975, we decided we wanted to meet face to face and had our first official meeting, held in St. Petersburg at the Swendenborg Church hall on Fifth Street South.

We have recently been unable to keep up with the information flow of things Sherlockiana, and so we attempt this website.

We welcome information from other organizations, which we will put on our Calendar and Link pages. Please Contact Us with any and all comments.

The Pleasant Places of Florida
Founded 1972

Rev. Leslie Marshall, BSI: 1972 to 1977
Dr. Benton Wood, BSI: 1977 to 1988
Bill Ward, BSI: 1988 to 1989
Dr. Benton Wood, BSI: 1989 to 1996
The Last Court of Appeals: 1997 to Present

The Last Court of Appeals is

David McCallister, Master of the House
Carl Heifetz, Representative
(both with the Servants and with the Tradespeople)
Mike Bryan, The Unopened Newspaper
Wanda and Jeffery Dow, The Papers on the Sundial